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28th Jul 2015

Photographer captures couple meeting their adoptive daughter for the first time

With a beautiful series of images, photographer, Kristen Anne has captured the incredible moment her friends, David and Sarah Olsen, met their adoptive daughter for the first time.

“I have always wanted to photograph the first meeting of an adopted baby. This week, I got to be a part of this incredible moment with one of my best friends!”

The Olsens have been waiting  for their adopted daughter to complete their family (they have two sons already) for some time. After their second son, Levi, was born with Spina Bifida, the Olsens were advised not to become pregnant again as there were risks involved. They detailed on their blog how though their journey with baby Levi had been, at times, difficult they knew that they wanted to complete their family. Talking about the adoption process in a vlog on their site before they had been matched with a baby, they described feeling like she was already a part of their family.

“We think about her everyday, we talk about her with our little boys every day. She has her own room already and we can’t wait to have her home.”



On Facebook, Kristen Anne detailed the whirlwind journey the couple made to meet their new baby:

“She found out Tuesday afternoon about this baby. Early Wednesday morning, we flew to Florida. Wednesday afternoon, the baby was officially theirs and in the arms of her new mom and dad! It was one of the most special moments of my life, I was so privileged to watch this all unfold. What a perfect example of unconditional… love. Meet Tilly Pearl.”


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