Positive parenting: 5 signs you are doing a great job as a parent 6 months ago

Positive parenting: 5 signs you are doing a great job as a parent

It is the one job that does not come with a manual.

Or instructions. Or a training program. Or a trial period or even a flipping HR department for when things go belly up.

No, parenting is a job in which you are expected to learn as you go – and only those who have been a parent will know how truly scary it was that day they let you walk out of the hospital with your very first baby – as if they thought you were now a fully-fledged parent and would know what to do next.

Spoiler: None of us do. We just plough on – and learn on the job. Little by little, amateur hour after amateur hour, we get better, slowly starting to feel like maybe we can do this, picking up tips and tricks as we go.

Such is parenting. Until a new phase begins and you feel totally back to square one again. The good news? We are all in the same boat, all wondering about whether or not we are making a total mess out of this parenting thing, worried we are not doing our best to raise them into kind, successful, decent human beings.

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