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31st Jul 2018

Stacey Solomon on the one criticism she gets about homeschooling her boys

"I struggle with that..."

Orlaith Condon

“I struggle with that…”

Stacey Solomon has faced a lot of criticism since she revealed her decision to homeschool her two sons.

The mum-of-two shared her plans to take her children out of school earlier this year, saying:

“The decision is controversial but it’s right for them.”

However, several months on and Stacey is now speaking out about the common hurtful criticism she receives about the decision.

“I struggle with the fact that people think I’m thick and how can I teach my children anything,” she told the Mirror.

“I’m always trying to prove I am not thick and I want people to take me seriously. I work really hard to be educated and I think I am smart.

“That’s why I have no regrets about choosing to homeschool my boys.”

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Speaking of her decision earlier this year, Stacey said it all came about when she started noticing major changes in her eldest son’s personality.

“When Zachary was halfway through year two, he began to lose some of my favourite parts of his personality.

“He never worried what people thought of him, he was a happy-go-lucky child, always inquisitive and wanting to know everything about everything.

“But he would come home from school embarrassed to make jokes and be silly and he became very quiet and a little sad.

“He explained to me that his behaviours were deemed naughty and disruptive by teachers and not cool by his peers.”

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Stacey told followers that she now gets a tutor in once a week to follow the curriculum in maths, English and science, but other than that, their school day is geared towards what her boys are interested in at that time.

“Yes, it’s controversial and not everyone will agree with me but parents have to make their own decisions.

“No-one should judge them and you shouldn’t feel judged.”