The kids are back in the house for summer... But it doesn't feel like they ever left 1 year ago

The kids are back in the house for summer... But it doesn't feel like they ever left

What do you mean they're going to be in the house again?

The start of the year was a rough one for most parents.

For a lot of us it meant trying to help our children with their home-school work while also working from home which is incredibly stressful.

Honestly it really didn't feel like that were in actual school for much of this year especially when you take into consideration mid-term and Bank Holidays.

Now the summer holidays are here which means they're back in the house until September when it doesn't really feel like they ever left.

questions I ask my kids

It's not just parents that are feeling this way either.

I know my children and many of their friends feel a little at a loss with the school year being over before it really felt like it began.

My son is already counting down the days until his school runs a summer camp next month so he can see his friends again.


My three-year-old doesn't know what to do with herself during the day now that playschool is out and has been asking 'am I going to school tomorrow' since her last day.

I didn't think the end of the school year would feel as strange as last year's did but it really does.

back to reality after Christmas

It's hard to believe it's the second summer holidays since the pandemic started but here's hoping that it's the last.

I'd love for our kids sake for things to be able to go back to normal for them come the next school term and for the worry of when they'll next see their school or their friends to end.

Until then we're just going to have to figure out how to keep them occupied the next couple of months, especially those of us still working from home!

If you're looking for some activities to keep them entertained these were a lifesaver for me during lockdown.

On the other hand if you're looking for some great spots to bring them to this summer this article has some great suggestions for day trips.

Another definite must-see before filming wraps is of course the Disenchanted set.