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08th Jul 2024

6 Roman-inspired baby names that parents adore

Niamh Ryan

We’re all waiting in anticipation for the new Gladiator movie starring Paul Mescal to be released later this year.

The Roman Empire led to the invention of many great things, but I’ve always been a big fan of their names in particular.

If you like a bit of history and love unique baby names, these are six Roman-inspired monikers perfect for any age.


A beautiful name for a girl, Aurelia means ‘the golden one.’ It’s certainly a unique name and has only been in the top 500 names in recent years.


While it sounds more modern, this name dates back to the 1st century. Felix’s name means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’, and is a great name for a boy that will suit any age.


If you like a name with a backstory, this name for a girl is perfect. ‘Sabines’ were an ancient tribe in Italy. When the Romans invaded their land, the women of the tribe were known as the peacemakers between the groups.


While this classic name for a boy seems modern, it goes back to the Roman Empire. The name means ‘dedicated to Mars’, with Mars being the god of war. Marcus is associated with ‘honour’ and ‘bravery.’


Cecilia was the patron saint of music and musicians in Roman times, but the name can also mean ‘hidden’ or ‘blind.’ There are also plenty of options for nicknames, like Cece and Celia.


This unisex name is perfect for your little one. If you want something even more unique, you can go with Augustus for a boy or Augustine for a girl. The name means ‘sacred’ and was bestowed on the most important people in Roman society.

It’s also a great one if you’re a fan of the Taylor Swift song.