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08th Jul 2024

Should we normalise charging parents for a playdate?

Niamh Ryan

We all know that as the cost of living continues to increase, it makes sense to be a bit more savvy with our money

One mother went viral on TikTok for charging another mother after their daughters had a playdate.

Shay Nanigans, as she goes by on TikTok, said “Can we normalise sending the other family money for playdates?”

She went on to show a thread of text messages between her and another mother, in which she asked for money to cover the supplies used during the playdate.

Source: @shay.nanigans87 on TikTok

The list included any snacks the child had eaten but also went as far as charging for trips to the bathroom and ‘wear and tear’ from sitting on the couch.

The list came to about €15 altogether, which according to the text screenshots the woman then paid.

Viewers were quick to point out how the text messages ended there, with the other woman leaving the creator on read.

One commented, “I’d send over the $15 and then never speak to you again.”

Another said, “I’d be very uncomfortable if the person hosting a playdate kept track of how many times my kid needed to use the restroom.”

The majority of viewers pointed out that if parents can’t afford to host a playdate then they shouldn’t offer it in the first place.

However, some have claimed that’s not unusual to share the cost like this.

The Independent UK said “Fundamentally: why is it any different, say, to going out for dinner with a mum friend? In that situation, you often split the bill – you wouldn’t expect one of you to foot it.”

While that certainly is true, you wouldn’t also charge an adult for sitting on your couch or using the bathroom.

The creator of the original video did go on to admit that the story was a joke, or ‘rage bait.’

Although, there were a fair number of people in the comments who agreed with the idea.

Do you think charging for a playdate is too far, or should it be the way going forward?