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29th Sep 2017

The finale of fertility series The Babymakers is going to be emotional

The finale airs on October 2.

Keeley Ryan


You won’t want to miss this.

One in six couples in Ireland face struggles with fertility.

And the latest series from TV3 is aiming to shed light on the difficulties, as they follow the lives of six couples in Ireland going through different fertility treatments to try and complete – or begin – their family.

The fourth and final episode of The Babymakers is airing on TV3 on Monday, October 2 – and it’s going to be seriously emotional.

The programme will follow Naoimh and Robbie as they reach the transfer stage, where the embryo created in the Czech Republic with donor eggs and Robbie’s sperm is implanted in Naoimh’s womb.

The episode will follow them to the emotionally charged morning when they take their pregnancy test, waiting for the result after a 6 month process on the egg donor programme.

Meanwhile, Emma and Bianca have their seven week scan – their next hurdle on the road to having a baby.

The result is a positive one, with their little one’s strong heartbeat resonating loud and clear.

The programme will catch up with them again 6 months into their pregnancy, as they prepare their home for the imminent arrival and reflect back on their fertility journey.

And Fiona and Eoghan will face a devastating blow during an IVF cycle, where they fail to have any embryos created.

The exhausted couple embark on another round of IVF, determined in their desire to complete their family.

The Babymakers is on TV3 Monday 2ndOctober at 9pm.