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Baby names

22nd Dec 2023

My mam wants to name my brother’s son and her suggestion is shocking

Kat O'Connor

Safe to say we won’t be adding this to our list.

Sometimes our relatives can actually share lovely baby name suggestions.

However, other suggestions shouldn’t even be entertained.

Like this one.

One woman has revealed her mother wants to name her next grandchild.

She explained that her brother and his wife are set to welcome their third child soon.

The couple is expecting a baby boy, who will be their third son.

The woman explained that her mother has really gotten into unusual baby names lately, but the name she has in mind is a little out there.

She told Reddit, “My brother is expecting his 3rd boy soon. For some reason, my mom has gotten into the unique names in the last few years.”

The mum recommended naming their baby boy Boone.

Yes, you read that right.


The moniker Boone is an old-fashioned name, no surprise there, but it actually has a sweet meaning.

It is of French origin and means ‘good’.

However, we can’t help but feel like it is more fitting for a dog rather than a newborn baby.

“Please tell me if I’m crazy for thinking it’s absolutely ridiculous? My dad hates it too,” she revealed.

Many Reddit users agreed that Boone is a little too out there.

The parents should pick something that they like. The mum will just have to accept that the moniker Boone isn’t for them.

One user quipped, “Boone is a good name… for a dog.”

Another added, “Personally, I think it’s terrible for a human. Fine for a dog. Decent surname sure, but not for a first name.”