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29th Oct 2023

This nostalgic baby name is making a major comeback

Kat O'Connor

We adore this baby name for a girl.

Baby names go in and out of style, but one old-fashioned name is reportedly making a comeback.

Names like Catherine, Margaret, and Edith may not be as popular as they were before, but the monikers are still pretty cute.

They’re traditional and strong, but one nostalgic baby name is soaring through the baby name charts and it’s rare for these days.

According to BabyCenter, the name Ada, short for Adelaide, is becoming more popular.

The stunning baby girl name is a classic for a reason and it looks like parents are falling in love with it again.

The moniker has a pretty special meaning too.

Ada is of German origin and means ‘noble or nobility’ which is pretty perfect for your strong little girl.

BabyCentre has told parents to expect to see ‘old lady chic’ names becoming more and more popular in the coming years.

Names like Beatrice, Cecelia, Elizabeth, Tilly, Peggy and Rosaline are also becoming more popular.

Check out our top 10 ‘old lady chic names’ and their meanings below.

  • Betty meaning ‘oath of God’
  • Dorothea meaning ‘gift’
  • Harriet meaning ‘home ruler’
  • Florence meaning ‘blossoming’
  • Ivy meaning ‘God’s gift’
  • Maisie meaning ‘pearl’
  • Nancy meaning ‘grace’
  • Nora meaning ‘light’
  • Polly meaning ‘star of the sea’
  • Tilly meaning ‘mighty in battle’