STUDY: Unhealthy diet may have a direct affect on your womb 7 years ago

STUDY: Unhealthy diet may have a direct affect on your womb

Scientists at the University of Southampton have conducted investigations into the effect of diet on the womb. They found evidence that an unhealthy diet can directly impact the levels of amino acids found in the uterine fluid of a woman who is not pregnant. So that means, what we are eating during the time of conception can alter the environment that nurtures the embryo in the earliest and most vulnerable stage.

“This is the first report to show that diet can alter the nutrient composition of human uterine fluid, which nurtures the early embryo," according to Dr Franchesca Houghton, associate professor in stem cells and developmental biology at the University.

It's already known that the environment in which a young embryo develops can have an impact on the health of the child in the future so the discovery is significant, especially as more and more couples are seeking to improve their chances of conception through natural methods (including altering diet) prior to exploring IVF.

The list of things you can and can't consume as a pregnant woman seems to be kicking in even earlier now with the study proving a connection between unhealthy diet and altered concentrations of amino acids in the women's uterine fluid, compared to those with a healthy diet.

So, girls, if you're planning on getting pregnant any time soon, it's time to look at your diet closely and consider the impact of things like processed foods and takeaways have on your womb.

The university has yet to produce a recommended diet guide, but our resident natural fertility specialist, Jessica Bourke has loads of practical advice on preparing for conception and IVF.