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21st Aug 2017

The vagina baby cake trend is back and we’re rightly creeped out

Be warned, it's gory

Olivia Hayes

Well, these are… interesting.

When announcing the news that you’re pregnant to your loved ones, there are many ways you can go about it.

In person, by text, a card, a party… some even give presents. But one thing we never thought would come into fashion is vagina baby cakes.

Yes, you heard us. Cakes that resemble a vagina with a baby and blood coming out of it. Lovely.

The cakes became popular a few years ago, but taking a quick look through social media and you’ll realise that they’re back in trend.

Even though many of us have already been through childbirth, there’s something about putting it on a cake that kind of freaks us out.

And to prove that expectant mothers are really into these cakes in 2017, here are a few examples from Instagram:

Warning: Some of these cakes are very graphic

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Honestly, we just don’t get it. What ever happened to pink and blue cupcakes?