Red flags or red bunting? This is what experts say you should watch out for 1 year ago

Red flags or red bunting? This is what experts say you should watch out for

We've all been there.

When it comes to red flags while dating, we are always warning our friends about what to watch out for them, but we never seem to be able to listen to our own advice.

It can be hard to take your own advice, and often it's not until somebody else notices the red flags that you even realise they're there.

Whether it's bringing up their ex while you're around or bragging about their past conquers, love can be blind and sometimes these can go overlooked.

Bumble has coined the phrase "Slow Dating", and it's become a trend in Ireland as people on the dating scene try to get to know their date much more online before ever meeting up.

It turns out that 53% of people have learned how to get to know their dates better by simply just messaging them more ahead of meeting up, with 34% of people taking it a step further and sending voice notes.

Research also shows that over 67% of people who use Bumble in Ireland are seeking a relationship, so now is as good as any time to keep your eyes on the prize and always remember that red flags can pop out of nowhere.


So how can you tell if someone is right for you? These days it's better if you talk to the person as much as possible before meeting up, and if you don't know what to say, we have tips to keep in mind.

Firstly, your gut instinct is everything, if you immediately sense something is off, chances are you're right and ignoring it could only lead to disaster.

Another immediate red flag is if you notice the person you're dating speaks to you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, typically by using derogatory comments, racial fetishisation or microaggressions.

When it comes to saying these online, you can block and report them, but if it's in person, run for the hills.

Red flags in a relationship can come in three forms, general feeling, general behaviour, and sexual behaviour, so if when you're dating, you should always feel secure, happy, trusted and feel content.

If red flags are involved, you'll often be left feeling anxious, confused, tense, nervous, sad, confused, and unsettled, and it's another sign to take a step back.