'Irresponsible parenting': I'm shamed for putting my child to bed at midnight 1 year ago

'Irresponsible parenting': I'm shamed for putting my child to bed at midnight

A 24-year-old mum has opened up about being shamed for her daughter's bedtime.

She revealed her little girl goes to bed at midnight because it works for their family.

Mum Victoria explained to TikTok: "I never understood why parents would put their babies to bed at 7pm. That just means when they have their full 12 hours of sleep, they would wake up at 7am."

"And us being stay-at-home parents, this isn't very necessary," she shared.

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"As long as the baby has their needed amount of sleep the time you put them to bed doesn't matter," the mum claimed.

"Time is a man-made thing, so she sleeps from 12 am to 1 pm and that is what works for our family," she added.

However, people were not convinced by her response.

One mum tried to explain to her that it is important for infants to sleep early.


"You are setting her circadian rhythms now for the rest of her life, it's not about what is convenient for you," they warned.

Another shamed her for doing what suited her more than what was best for her child.

"You have decided to give the baby a sleep cycle of an unhealthy teen so you don't have to parent for the first six hours of the day," another wrote.

One even said it was "irresponsible parenting".

Sleep experts believe young children should sleep between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm. This is because they will be in deep sleep between 8 pm and midnight.

Having a strict sleep schedule is essential for children of all ages.

Experts warned that insufficient sleep and poor sleep habits can have a terrible impact on a child's mood and development.