Parents say this white noise hacks helps their baby fall asleep 2 months ago

Parents say this white noise hacks helps their baby fall asleep

Who doesn't want to sleep like a baby?

Well – as it turns out – babies tend to not want to sleep like babies. In fact, to some of them, it would – certainly to sleep-deprived parents – seem like they would literally do anything but sleep.

Well, parents – the solution might be closer than you think.

Say hello to the nifty little tech trick that parents everywhere are obsessing over – and that is helping them finally get some well-earned rest.

Got a Google Assistant in your home? Then you need to check out the white noise feature – and – more importantly – turn it on when you are trying to get your baby to go to sleep. Skeptical? You might care to know that a number of studies have pointed to white noise as the source of better sleep. And could, indeed also help you (and your baby) fall asleep quicker.


What is white noise?

According to, white noise is the sound of many different frequencies being played in a random order, resulting in a soft, static sound.

The sound has also been linked to improving concentration at work or in the classroom.

And here is where your Google Assistant comes in, as these handy gadgets are conveniently equipped to play a range of soothing sounds, from crackling fireplaces and soft ocean waves to white noise - and after discovering the genius feature, parents can literally not get enough of it when it comes to getting their babies to sleep.

How it works

To activate the feature, all you have to do is say to your Google Assistant: "Hey Google, help me relax", or "OK Google, play white noise."

Needless to say, the discovery of this had many people overly excited.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote:

"'Hey Google, play some white noise' has been my saving Grace this week."

Another one tweeted:

"Just figured out my Google home can double as a white noise machine and this literally might free me from having to take tranquillisers to sleep???"

One delighted parent wrote:

"Every night when I tuck in my daughter I say 'Hey Google, goodnight' - it then plays some soft white noise and dims the lights in her room. Crazy to think that a brand can make it into your evening and morning routine. How's that for salience?"