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01st Apr 2016

5 of The Best Foods To Have For Breakfast


Breakfast time tends to be one of the most stressful times of the day for parents but it is important to squeeze in that first meal.

We recently caught up with nutritional therapist Elsa Jones to find out what foods are best for kick-starting the day.

She said: “I personally would go for eggs in the morning. I find that they keep me fuller for longer so I have a recipe for ‘Power Pancakes.’

“They are a combination of eggs, oats, cinnamon and blueberries. It’s just the right balance of protein and carbohydrates.”


But don’t worry if eggs aren’t your think because Elsa also said that there are a number of other quick and healthy options.

Cereals are quite convenient but you want to go for one that’s whole grain, high in fibre and low in sugar,” she explained.

Muesli can be good but check the label. A good rule of thumb is that 1 teaspoon of sugar weighs 4 grams so if you’re trying to get an idea of the amount of sugar contained in a bowl – if it contains 8 grams, that’s around 2 teaspoons.

“If it’s an on-the-go breakfast, a handful of nuts with a piece of fruit is a good way to go. There’s a bit of protein there which will keep you fuller, along with naturally-occurring sugars to raise blood sugar levels and give you some energy to start your day.”

No Repro Fee. Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones pictured at the launch of the Pharmaton Active Life – ‘Good Morning Routine’ campaign. Elsa has partnered with multi vitamin brand Pharmaton and is calling on the nation to develop better morning habits in order to help improve mental and physical performance throughout the day. For more information on Pharmaton and Active Life see Pic. Robbie Reynolds

Elsa highlighted just how important it is to have breakfast, revealing that low blood sugar levels can lead to low energy, poor concentration and irritability.

She also argued that when you skip breakfast, you are more likely to crave quick pick-me-ups and, therefore, unhealthy snacks with high levels of caffeine or sugar.

Elsa Jones is involved in the Pharmaton Active Life good morning routine campaign. You can check out her website here.