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30th May 2018

7 tips to help your kids to sleep in the warm weather

Because their routines are completely out-of-whack.

Sharyn Hayden

The poor babas!

Just when we get them used to the longer daylight hours and grappled with getting their bedtime routine back on track… the heatwave hits.

Between taking accidental naps during the day because they’re too hot and getting so uncomfortable with the heat that they are impossible to settle down at bedtime – our kids’ routines are all out of whack.

So what can we do to help them stay in bed once we do get them down?

Here are seven top tips to keep them cool and comfortable enough to sleep through the night:

1. Strip them down

Our four-year-old is sleeping in shorts and a vest and our two-year-old is in her nappy and a short sleeved onesie, and that seems to be working out very well for their little bodies.

2. Get the bedding right

Even though my two seem to like hanging onto their duvets, I’ve taken to removing it and the pillows from under their heads at around 11pm for an hour to cool them off. Try to use cotton sheets as much as possible to let their little skin breathe.

3. Get a night-time wash in

While my kids usually love having a bath at bedtime, we have all been getting into a cool shower at the end of the day. It just washes off the mugginess of the day and refreshes everyone for bedtime.

4. Fan yourselves

If you are in possession of an electric fan, put it in the kid’s room with a large bowl of ice in front of it. This will help circulate cool air around the room as opposed to simply moving the existing warm air about.

5. Stay hydrated

We are keeping beakers of water in the fridge so that they are handy to grab if the kids do wake up during the night and are thirsty. Of course, make sure everyone drinks more fluids than usual during the hot weather.

6. Use a flannel

There is nothing nicer than a cool flannel on the forehead or nape of the neck when a small child is becoming agitated with the heat. Grab one for yourself too while you’re at it!

7. Move with the temperature

The temperature will change during the night so be prepared to check up on the kids and make adjustments where necessary. They might need a warmer blanket or have the fan turned off at a certain point so keep an eye on things, mum!