7 ways to keep a healthy balance this Christmas 5 years ago

7 ways to keep a healthy balance this Christmas

There are two occasions in life when we give ourselves carte blanche to over-indulge; when we are pregnant (hurray!) and every single year at Christmas.

While we generally only over-indulge on the food stakes when we are expecting babies, we go full-force bananas on the food and drink when Christmas comes around.

Given that the festive season starts earlier and earlier every year, some of us can start partying as early as November!

And then there are all the get-togethers, the charity nights, the 'one' after work, the 'we must meet up before Christmas!' arrangements. And let's be honest, none of those are happening in a juice bar.

Rich foods and booze, late nights and early starts can really begin to take it's toll on our bodies (and minds!), so in an effort to help us NOT to look like zombies in the New Year, we have a few simple tips to keep those indulgences from ruining your fun altogether.

Here are seven of our very top tips:

1. Stay hydrated

I know, I know, everyone says 'Stay hydrated', but DO. Ask for some water when you're having a meal and try to drink as much of it as you can in between glugfuls of wine. It really does help you to feel better the next day. Also, even though we LOVE coffee here at HerFamily, you really can overdo it on the caffeine when you're feeling a bit wrecked. So try to be conscious of how many cups you're having and replace even one with a herbal tea.

2. Have a daily clean-out


Every morning before breakfast, take five minute to squeeze the juice of 1 – 2 lemons in 250ml – 500ml of cooled, boiled water. This small but effective daily routine will help to cleanse the stomach of leftover ‘debris’ and remove any excess acid.

3. Prepare your digestive system

If you know you're going to be sitting down to a big meal (can't wait for Christmas dinner!), then eat an apple half an hour beforehand. Apples are full of soluble fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer. Therefore, you may not eat quite as much or have second helpings as a result. Simples!

4. Sleep

The worst thing about having Christmas 'holidays' is that you feel like you NEED a holiday afterward because you are so wrecked. We're not suggesting for a second that you don't go and party like rock stars if you have the opportunity, but make sure you can factor in a catch-up nap the next day. And if your hangovers are getting worse by the milisecond like mine are, book in another nap for the day after the day after - if you get me.

5. Get the brekkie in

I don't know about you bit I find it really hard to face a greasy breakfast after a big night out. If somebody put a full Irish in front of me, I'd have to leave the room (although I love them any other day!). Thankfully, a fry isn't the best thing you can have to keep your system right. You are far better off to opt for porridge with honey and blueberries, or an omlette packed with veg.

6. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

When you're dehydrated and exhausted, it eventually does show on your skin. My skin dries out really quickly and so I tend to slather Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my face overnight for a really deep moisturising mask. Do whatever works best for you: hair masks, face masks, a long bath followed by your richest face and body cream. You have to take care of the inside, and the outside too!

7. Keep the Milk Thistle handy

Every year, I buy several bottles of milk thistle from my local health food store and pop it into all the family's Christmas gift bag. The benefits of milk thistle are nothing short of amazing; it can help detox liver and acts as an antioxidant - and given how much pressure we all out on our livers at Christmas, it's an essential aid for everyone.