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30th Jun 2015

TIME-POOR (anti-gym) tips for beating the bulge: The Tabata workout

Speedy workouts to beat the bulge, even on an 9–5 schedule

Lauren Tracey

So, how are those fitness goals coming on? Well, em, if you’re anything like us, the ol’ enthusiasm might be waning. Cue chocolate addiction creeping back in and don’t even get us started on the ill-fated booze prohibition. Don’t let a busy day stand in your way. Just don’t.

This 20 minute Tabata workout is high-intensity fitness you can do in short intervals. We’re not going to lie; it’s fast-paced, but it burns tons of calories. We say, try it tonight in advance of the weekend’s boldness.

Tabata queen, here we come.

Hat tip to Booty Camp TV for the video.