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06th Jan 2021

Beauty sleep: I can no longer live without this amazing bedtime skincare product

Trine Jensen-Burke

Votary Antidote Night Oil

I have gotten serious about my bedtime routine lately.

Having been a freelance journalist for years, I often found myself staying up later than anyone else in the house – often just to meet a deadline, or tie up loose ends before an interview the following day, or simply just to finally have a moment that day to read and reply to e-mails.

Being a working mum, the evenings were also often my time to get on top of things that needed doing around the house.

However, I also write about wellness, health and beauty for a living, and know that sleep is so utterly important for pretty much every aspect of our lives.

Which is why recently overhauled my entire bedtime routine, and not only started going to bed at 10 pm sharp every night (which is a good 2-3 hours earlier than what I have been doing for the past few years), but also made some changes to how I spend my hour before bedtime – in order to get the best sleep I possibly can.

One of the big changes that I am now totally obsessed with, is my 15-minute bath after the kids go to bed. I fill the bath, light some candles, and add a couple of drops of the most amazing calming oil that’s the perfect bedtime concoction for both mind and body.

Votary, in case you haven’t come across it before, is this truly impressive (and luxuriously amazing) skincare brand created by UK make-up artist Arabella Preston. Being obsessed with beauty products that are clean and kind to your skin and health, I am officially obsessed with the products that all harness the natural power of plant oils and active ingredients. Even more impressive? The formulations are all made in the UK and blended personally by Arabella, and consist only of the finest natural ingredients.

I am currently using both the Super Seed Cleansing Oil (SO good) and the Super Seed Facial Oil as part of my skincare routine (and am blown away by the results, by the way), but guys – it is the Antidote Night Oil that has transformed my evening routine – and has officially become one of those products I know I’ll keep buying forever more.

The oil is technically a body oil, but even Arabella herself admits to it being perfect in the bath (or shower) too.

Made from a potent blend of nourishing plant oils, it replenishes and restores your skin (perfect for dry winter limbs!) and helps you to unwind. Passionflower, calendula and sweet almond deeply moisturise, and add lustrous smoothness to dry, uncomfortable skin, while lavender, rose and chamomile help to de-stress and calm you for sleep.

I simply add a few pumps to my bathwater and soak in it for 15 minutes. The smell is so incredibly calming, and actually, I swear, makes me feel like I should just get out and crawl into my pj’s and then bed.

Note: You don’t want to let any of this gorgeous oil go to waste, so after you get out of the bath, simply pat yourself dry with a towel, and then smooth whatever oil you have left on into your skin before getting into your dressing gown or pj’s.

And guys – I promise you you’ll have the best night sleep ever.