The BEST nuggets of wisdom, tips and tricks on baby sleeping 2 years ago

The BEST nuggets of wisdom, tips and tricks on baby sleeping

In life, we all need a little reassurance from time to time.

Whether that is because we are unsure about our actions or choices in study, work or relationships, it can be nice to hear 'I have been there too and this is why it's ok'.

I have never questioned myself or doubted myself in any area of my life more than when I became a parent. Being responsible for myself and my own happiness was one thing, but that of this other human being (and now two human beings!) too? Mind. Bender.

I found - and still find - great comfort in contacting like-minded parents from my extended family, community and online and although I've now 'been around the block' twice, as it were, I still turn to them for advice when new challenges present themselves.

And so, from some of the best real-and-won't-bullshit-you blogging mums around Ireland, here is their absolute best advice when it comes to the question: What Are Your Tips For Getting Babies To Sleep?

1. Deborah McCarthy from The Clothesline:

"Small babies aren't meant to sleep through the night. As they get older 9m+ some babies sleep and some babies don't but they all do eventually. Forcing routines is making life a misery for everyone, follow your baby's lead and never under estimate the power of a catch up sleep at the weekend."


2. Jennie Dennehy from Mummy Verses The World:


"Invest in a baby sleeping bag. They're a great way to keep your baby at the right temperature as they can't kick them off. This also means that they're less likely to wake."

3. Sinead Fox from Bumbles Of Rice:

"Keep your expectations low on the sleep front, and don't expect a teeny baby to sleep independently or self settle, things will come good. It's ok for a newborn to need to be held to get sleep, just take turns holding to get a break."

4. Gwen Loughman from Wonderful Wagon:

"Four babies = four different sleepers with their sleep deprived mother following the same routine for them all. They all have different patterns and personalities. Once I accepted that these regular night time wake-ups were going to be the norm for a while, things got a bit easier. Don't fight it. Learn to nap and rope in all the help you can get."


5. Louise Murphy from Tattooed Lady With A Baby:

"Throw away the guru books and manuals and listen to your baby, they will sleep through the night when they are ready. In the meantime, go with it and enjoy the extra time you have with them - nap when they nap, as tired as you are, those sleepless days and nights go by so fast."


6. Nicola Cassidy from Lady Nicci:

"We went through a really tough time around one year old. We tried a little bit of everything including crying it out and weaning her from the breast. It was the toughest time we had, but after a few days she learned to go asleep by herself and began sleeping through the night. Don't do anything that feels really wrong: we couldn't let her cry for too long it was just heartbreaking. But the whole process did teach her to learn how to go to sleep by herself. Now it's a joy to put her to bed, something I thought at that time, I would never say!"

7. Ellen O'Keeffe from Bumps And Roundabouts:

"Routine is key. Don't stress about getting into a routine but once you have found one that works keep to it. If we miss his nap during the day, Aidan will become totally out of sync making bedtime very stressful! He started sleeping 13 hours from 6 weeks and still does now at 22 months."


8. Laura Breslin from The Mamma Fairy:

"Don't compare sleep notes! I cried when I came home from my first baby massage class when my first was 6 weeks old! I foolishly believed all other babies were sleeping through the night. However as time went on I realised sleeping through the night was a couple of hours stretch and not 12 hours without a stir! I stopped comparing and followed my child's lead. Whatever works and makes them happy that's my sleep moto; be that co-sleeping, rocking, a million stories, numerous feeds! Each one was a phase and passed in time."

9. Emma Coogan from Lyla & Co:


"Let them get themselves into a routine and when they do, stick to it! If we don't start our bedtime routine (bath, bottle, book, bed) by 7.30pm, her whole night tends to be disturbed! Same for nap time. If we skip/put her down late, she wakes more frequently during the night."

10. Alannah Coughlan from BabyGugz:

"All babies are different, but routine has always been the key in our house. Bath, bottle in dim lighting & bed (usually while he is still awake but dosing) before 7/7.30pm. Freddie has been sleeping 12 hours a night since he was about 3 months old... lucky us I know. If we break the routine all hell breaks loose!"

11. Eimear Kelly from Chirps From A Little Red Hen:

"One piece of advice we got & followed with both was follow your babies lead & they won't lead you wrong. We did that & totally worked. Eldest slept through from 3mths & his sister from 4 1/2."

12. Suzy Adis from The Airing Cupboard:

"Find your tribe, whether it's online or in real life, otherwise you'll lose your mind."

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