Mum reveals clever hack that stops chickenpox from itching 2 weeks ago

Mum reveals clever hack that stops chickenpox from itching

We'll be trying this.

Cases of chickenpox have been on the rise in Ireland in recent months. Many parents have been doing their best to treat the irritating virus as best they can, but there is no quick cure for it. That's why we often turn to remedies and treatments like calamine lotion.

One mum has revealed the genius treatment she has been using on her children and we will certainly be trying it if our kids ever get infected with chickenpox.

She explained on Facebook that she has been using shampoo, yes really, to soothe the spots.

"For anyone who’s kiddies pick up chicken pox I cannot recommend this enough!" Clare Jenkin wrote.

She told parents to use Head and Shoulders Classic shampoo when bathing their children.

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"Reagan went to the docs today and we were advised to use Head and Shoulders CLASSIC as a bubble bath to soothe the spots."

"The difference is unbelievable! Over an hour without a single scratch or moan! No more angry red spots. Hopefully, this helps anyone else who is at their wits end with scratching children."


What are the symptoms of chickenpox?

The HSE has urged parents to beware of the symptoms of chickenpox. If your child presents with the symptoms then they should not attend creche or school until the virus has run its course.

The virus is incredibly infectious and spreads easily in childcare settings.

The main symptom to be aware of is red spots. The spots can appear anywhere on your child's body. They tend to become extremely itchy after 12- 14 hours.


These spots will blister and may also burst. There is a risk of the spots spreading.

The spots will scab over, but other blisters may appear during this stage of chickenpox.

The spots should scab and fall off naturally within 1 to 2 weeks.

Other symptoms of chickenpox include a high temperature, aches and pains, loss of appetite and generally feeling unwell.

There is no cure for chickenpox, but children's symptoms can be eased with calamine lotion and paracetamol.

Chickenpox is caused by a virus called varicella zoster.

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