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20th Oct 2016

Could THIS Be The Key To A Happier Relationship? (And How Come We Never Thought Of It Before!)

Trine Jensen-Burke

My parents are blissfully happily married and recently celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.

This is obviously down to a lot of things, like love, friendship, and respect, but I can’t help but wonder if it also down to never having to endure any midnight fights over their duvet.

You see, in many countries (Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, and Finland, to name a few) it is actually more common to use two single duvets instead on a double bed instead of one large double duvet. And this, many will argue, my mother included, is by far the way forward when it comes to better sleep and happier marriages.

Recently, one of our favourite bloggers, A Cup Of Jo, wrote a feature all about using two duvets instead of one, and got a flurry of comments in response, championing this sleeping arrangement.

Here are just some of the comments the post sparked:

Jesse said:

“My parents do this! Ever since I can remember. This summer they celebrate 43 years of marriage, so …”

Another reader is convinced it’s the key to a strong relationship:

“As far as I’m concerned it is a relationship saver, one less thing to fight about.”

Just Bean said:

“I grew up with this (Swiss born) and my husband (then boyfriend) thought I was a genius when we first moved in together ;) He is always overheated and I am always cold, the system works amazingly.”

And while I do love my extra large, super-comfy duvet, you have got to admit it does actually make good sense to go with two single ones too.

I mean, no more fighting over who is stealing the duvet. No more sleepless nights because he’s too hot and you’re too cold. Simply make sure your single duvet is a higher tog than his. Simples.

Or, mamas, would two duvet make you feel less snuggled up with your other halves?

What do you think? Could it be a life changer? Or are you happy with your double duvets and midnight fights over who is hogging it? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @Herfamilydotie