Healthy eating: 5 Instagram accounts you should be following for recipe inspiration 4 years ago

Healthy eating: 5 Instagram accounts you should be following for recipe inspiration

Eating healthy is all well and good, and most of us aim to do it, but sometimes it can be hard to know what the heck to whip up, no?

Which is why we love (love, love) Instagram, which is nothing short of a godsend when it comes to any kind of deliscious healthy eating inspiration. Every week we discover new people to follow, and while picking our favourites is almost impossible, just try to add any of these five to your follow-list and not feel inspired to try out some of the seriously tempting – and healthy – recipes they share:

1. @bewellbykelly

Why follow? Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque is the health consultant who's changing the way the Hollywood elite think about food—and she's about to change the way you think about it, too. And if you love her Instagram, you should probably also order her book, Body Love, which is part recipes, part just really sound advice on how to be healthier. 

Raise your hand ??‍♀️if you think the #fab4smoothie formula is a game changer too?! Check out @chara.marie creative use of zucchini and grapefruit, YUM! Don’t forget to tag #fab4smoothie, I love sharing your favorites. #Repost @chara.marie ・・・ I have to admit, discovering @bewellbykelly ‘s fab 4 smoothie guidelines has been a game changer. I would often eat breakfast and find myself hungry a few hours later. And if I had a smoothie, it was usually never enough on its own. Since adopting her method I’ve been able to have a smoothie mid morning and last hours until I even begin to think about lunch. Yes it may be slightly higher on the calorie side with the added fats but it also means I am not snacking or going back for seconds and my energy is better then ever! Here’s one of the recipes I created using her method. If you’re not a huge tart-grapefruit fan, swap it out for berries! Recipe: 1/2 grapefruit 1/2 zucchini 1 tsp ground flax seed 1/2 avocado 1 scoop @genuinehealth vegan fermented vanilla protein 2-3 thin slices of ginger 1 cup non dairy unsweetened milk Blend well!

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2. @gkstories

Why follow? Swede David Frenkiel love sharing pictures and recipes of all the delicious vegetarian food he makes on the blog he runs with his Danish wife, Louise. Oh, and their Instagram also feature tons of pictures of their gorgeous three kids too.


3. @whatsgabycookin

Why follow? Prepare to just want to make anything Gaby cooks  – that's how delicious it all looks. Happy, (mostly) healthy food inspired by Gaby's homestate of California, this is pure Insta goals.

4. @loveandlemons

Why follow? We have long since been fans of the beutiful food blog Love & Lemons, and these days find tons of inspiration on her Instagram page too. The recipes are vegetarian, but trust us, carnivors will love these too.

5. @thelittlegreenspoon

If you are yet to discover the gorgeous and healthy recipes our very own Indy Power shares on her blog and Instagram page, you have been missing out – big time. A must-follow, we think.

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