Live your best life: 5 healthy new habits to adopt this spring 1 year ago

Live your best life: 5 healthy new habits to adopt this spring

Self-care is everywhere these days.

Or, more correctly, there is a lot of talk about self-care these days. The only prooblem? A lot of the time, when we read or hear about how important self-care is and how we all should be practising more of it, it seems to cost money, often in the form for face masks, bubble baths or week-long yoga retreats to some hot country.

Now, we're not saying all of these don't sound great – they do. It's just that often, inner peace can be found in a lot less expensive or time-consuming ways too.

And because caring for yourself is something we should all be doing more of, here are five easy ways to practise a little self-love daily – all designed to fill your metaphorical cup to the brim, meaning you in turn have more love and energy to pass on to those around you. Win-win? You bet.

1. Breathe

Sure we all breathe every day, but are you breathing the right way? According to experts, breathing the right way can be a total game-changer when it comes to feeling less stressed, less anxious and have tons more energy.

Try breathing in slowly, filling your lungs with air and feeling like your entire diaphragm and belly fills up with fresh, new air. Hold for a few seconds, then breathe slowly out. Repeat for a few times, and prepare to feel totally re-energised.

2. Be grateful


"All that matter is that those you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just icing on the cake." I'm not sure who came up with this quote, but it's one of my favourite ones. And it's so true. But sometimes, in the race to live our best lives, and keep up with the Joneses, we forget to feel grateful for all the great things in our lives.

Try focusing on all the things you are grateful for, even just for a few moments every day, and you'll soon start seeing your happiness levels increase.

Another trick to feeling happier is to allow yourself to be excited about all the little things you enjoy.

Really saviour that latte you just treated yourself to. Call an all friend and actually take the time for a proper chat. Cook your favourite dinner on a Monday – all these little boosts of happiness will soon add up.

3. Be ruthless about who you follow on social media

If you do one thing in 2021, let it be this one: Unfollow anyone on social media who makes you feel like you are not enough or not good enough, or who just in any way or form makes you feel anxious or inferior, cut them loose. You are living your own life, not anyone else's, and life or love or happiness is not a competition.



4. Go to bed an hour earlier

Sleep is so, so important. And making it a priority could possibly be the most important thing you do for your health and wellness in the new year.

Oh, and did you know not sleeping enough is actually bad news for your immune system...?

Yet another reason to get to bed early tonight!

5. Stretch your body

Our bodies are made for movement. But all too often, we are sitting still for large parts of our day, going from sitting when we work to sitting even more after we finish work and get ready to relax for the evening.

And while starting a new fitness regime is all well and good, sometimes it's the small changes that will end up having the biggest impact. Try starting each day with a big stretch.

Download a yoga app on your phone, (I LOVE Alo moves!) and even if you don't do much more than a couple of sun salutations, you will feel like you are starting your day a whole lot more refreshed than before.