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05th Feb 2018

Mum shares genius (and easy to make) DIY remedy for dry winter skin

Keeley Ryan

“It’s easy enough a kid could actually do it.”

A mum has sent the internet into a frenzy after she shared her easy DIY winter skin remedy.

Susan Lewis posted the photos of the “best dry skin goop” on Facebook which, as she explained, was her own mum’s winter skin remedy.

The post showed the light pink skin cream being mixed together in the Kitchen Aid, alongside the caption:

“Made a batch of my mom’s winter skin remedy. Pour, mix, store! Best dry skin goop!”

She was soon flooded with messages asking her exactly how she made it, with more than 100,000 people sharing her post.

The mum from Phoenix, Arizona decided to enlist her son Caden to help her record a YouTube video about the rescue goo, advising viewers:

“It’s easy enough a kid could actually do it.”

Susan explained that there are just three ingredients in the cold weather remedy – and the entire process takes just a few moments.

She said in the video:

“So I posted my favourite winter skin remedy mixture on my Facebook page just a few days ago and we received over six million views.

“I’m also getting over 400 Facebook friend requests per day and up to 100 direct messages in my DM box.

“Most of you are asking the same thing, you’re really just trying to find out how can we make this, is it as easy as you say it is and how much of each product are you using?

“So that’s what I want to do today, is show you – it’s very simple, it’s three ingredients: baby lotion, Vitamin E and Vaseline.”

Caden then mixed the 13oz (369ml) of Vaseline, 27oz (267ml) of baby lotion and 8oz (227ml) of Vitamin E cream into a bowl.

He switched on the mixer for a few seconds, before declaring:

“And there we go.”