Nikki Reed responds to husband's joke that he 'threw out' her pill 5 years ago

Nikki Reed responds to husband's joke that he 'threw out' her pill

A joke too far?

Ian Somerhalder landed himself in some hot water this week when he said that he had thrown out his wife Nikki Reed's birth control pill.

The Vampire Diaries actor told the Informed Pregnancy podcast that the couple were away with friends last year when they all decided that they wanted to have kids.

He said that unbeknownst to Nikki, he got rid of her pill.

"It was the beginning of the pack - I had to pop all those suckers out."

Nikki, who also appeared on the podcast, said that she initially freaked out when she saw her husband flush the contraceptives down the toilet.

"Actually, now thinking about it, I guess I kind of decided [to start a family]," added Ian.

Nikki and Ian are now parents - they welcomed daughter Bodhi Soleil back in August.


While it was clearly meant in jest, some people didn't see the funny side of a husband joking about controlling his wife right to choose when to have kids.

Nikki took to Twitter last night to ask people not to use 'false narratives' around an important topic.

In a time when women's rights are under the spotlight, the controversy highlights just how contentious reproductive issues and access to contraception are.