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24th Feb 2016

Personal Trainer’s “Wine Workout” Goes Viral (We Love It!)

There has been a lot of debate in recent weeks about whether wine is good for your health or not, but one personal trainer is making sure it is good for her by working out with it.

April Storey from California uploaded a video of her “wine workout” to Facebook at the end of last year but it’s been getting a lot of attention this month.

In her clips, which can also be found on her Instagram page, the 24-year-old mum does bicep curls using wine bottles and press-ups in between sips of wine.

A video posted by April (@mylifestorey5) on

She told “I came up with the idea on New Year’s Eve after we had bought some wine to go over to our friend’s house.”

“The initial idea of it was that you can use anything in your house to work out, whether it’s soup cans or wine bottles.”

While the incorporation of wine into a workout is obviously just for fun (and isn’t recommended), we do like her style!

Check out a few of the exercises below…

A video posted by April (@mylifestorey5) on