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02nd May 2023

Mom calls out school for “snack-shaming” her 3-year-old

Clodagh McKeon

She gave him Pringles for lunch.

A mom has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a passive aggressive note her son’s school left on his snack box.

Megan PV, also known as @peaveymegan on TikTok, uploaded a video showing her followers the handwritten note a teacher left on her child’s empty crisp packaging.

She gave her son a small box of Pringles going to school one day but later was met with what she described as “snack-shaming”.

The TikTok video showed a photo of Megan holding the empty packaging with the written message clearly visible.

It read: “Please help us make healthy choices at school”.

Megan was very upset about the note and said she thought it was very “passive aggressive” and that it is damaging to label things as healthy or unhealthy.

In her video, she’s adamant that she gives her children good food in their lunch boxes every day and didn’t think Pringles would be classed as an “unhealthy snack”.

She has since deleted the original video that had over 30,000 comments but later reposted it and now has over 572,000 views, 51,000 likes and 5,000 comments with most in support of the mum.

Megan said: “OK, look what happened to me today.

“I sent my son to school with Pringles today, which is a very age-appropriate snack for a 3-year-old, and this is what his school sent.

“They snack-shamed my 3-year-old and they snack-shamed me by writing that passive aggressively on his trash”.

@peaveymegan #repost #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Megan PV

The school dismissed her son from their Summer programme.

In a different video, Megan updated fans on the situation with her son’s school and explained why she deleted the original video.

She said she “regrets” deleting it because of how everything panned out.

The mum said she wished the school had handled the situation better but admitted she did receive letters outlining what the school considered healthy snacks – but Megan still believed Pringles were fine.

She said: “I didn’t consider Pringles to be an unhealthy snack.

“I consider things like Cheetos, Doritos, Milkyway bars and things like that to be unhealthy snacks.

“So, I would pack Pringles with granola bars, fruit, yogurt all that kinda stuff”.

Megan then went on to reveal that although her son was promised a place in the school’s Summer programme, after her video went viral, there was suddenly no space for him anymore.

She said: “My son’s been there [in the school] for quite some time now and we had him registered for their Summer programme for three days a week.

“At the end of the conversation [with the school director], she said that they no longer have a spot for my son this Summer.

“It felt so uncalled for and disrespectful and just very very unsettling”.

Megan finished her first update video by telling followers she’s checked her son out of that school and he won’t be returning.

She said she’s sharing her experience because it’s “the truth to parenting” and said it was a “battle to fight” for her son.

@peaveymegan Part one of pringle gate update #update #momsoftiktok #viral ♬ original sound – Megan PV

“Pringles are better than granola bars”

Many people are in support of Megan with hundreds taking to the comments section to voice their opinions.

One fan said that the school should have handled the situation in a more grown-up way.

Another wrote: “Unless the school is buying and providing all the food then you can send whatever foods that you do. That’s crazy”.

Other parents backed her up and said children can be fussy eaters and some only eat certain foods, so schools should be understanding of that.

Some followers agreed that Pringles are a better alternative to other crisps with one even saying Pringles are a better option to granola bars.

They said: “Okay sorry. But a TON of granola bars have more sugar than a thing of Pringles…what is their basis?”

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