Stroller Fitness set to be one of the Top 3 fitness trends to dominate 2022 1 year ago

Stroller Fitness set to be one of the Top 3 fitness trends to dominate 2022

A handy new way to get fit.

A new study has revealed the fitness trends set to dominate 2022, and one of them involves something you probably already have at home.

The research analysed worldwide Google search data for over 100 different fitness trends to calculate the increase (or decrease) in interest in them between now, and the same period last year.

Largely thanks to going viral on TikTok recently, weighted hula hoops have seen the biggest spike in interest as we approach 2022  and stroller fitness, where parents work out with their push chairs.

Weighted hula hoop workouts take the top spot as the fitness trend the whole world is searching for, with a 234 per cent increase in interest year on year.

This will come as no surprise to TikTok users, with weighted hula hoop workouts racking up close to 200 million views on the video-sharing app alone.

Hula hooping isn’t the only alternative form of exercise being searched for either; with an impressive 124 per cent increase in interest, Zuu ranked as the second fitness trend gaining in popularity the fastest.


A style of HIIT training created by Australian fitness guru Nathan Helberg, Zuu uses movements inspired by the animal kingdom to give a challenging full body workout.

Stroller fitness came in close behind as the third most popular fitness trend for 2022 at 90.90 per cent.

The research, conducted by GymPure, also found that online workouts that saw the biggest decline, with a 64 per cent decrease in interest year on year.

This move away from home and virtual fitness experiences and back to gyms, clubs and classes is echoed through other trends seeing a fall in interest for 2022, with virtual fitness classes and home workouts also on their way out.

So there you have it. Online workouts are out and stroller fitness is in. Handy given that a lot of us will be pushing strollers around in 2022 anyway.