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19th Jun 2019

These 5 simple bedroom swaps could be the key to more restful nights

Trine Jensen-Burke


Feel like you take forever falling asleep at night, and spend ages tossing and turning before you can finally drift off?

You are not alone.

In fact; insomnia and sleep problems is becoming wide-spread, possible fuelled by our hectic lifestyles (meaning we struggle to switch off when we do go to bed), and our addiction to tech (which should never come anywhere near your bedroom, btw).

However, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your bedroom is the perfect sleep-inducing environment – start with these and you’ll no dount see a difference:

1. Buy some linen bedsheets

Linen is created using fibers from the flax plant and has been used since ancient times. The fibers are much thicker than those of cotton and other materials commonly used to make bedsheets, and, unlike other fabrics, linen actually becomes stronger with each wash. That means you can machine wash your linen sheets as often as you want without fear of the fabric wearing out.

And once you try sleeping in linen bedsheets, chances are you’ll never go back, mainly because they look and feel so good, but also because you’ll realise how much better you sleep. If you are prone to waking up because you’re either too hot or too cold, linen is a great choice, as these fibers are great temperature regulators, helping you maintain cooler body temperatures by approximately four degrees when compared to cotton or silk.

Washed linen duvet cover set, €119, H&M Home

2. Change your lighting

Swap out high wattage light bulbs for softer versions. While bright light is necessary in some areas, such as overhead lighting, try dimmer versions on other lamps. Especially next to the bed, for reading at night. Lamps with low wattage light bulbs can produce gentle and ambient lighting perfect for getting ready to fall asleep.

3. Add some plants

Green plants are all sorts of trendy right now, but did you know they are also benefitial to your health and even sleep? It’s true. Plants can purify the air by absorbing odors and molds that impact your breathing and lung health. According to experts, some of the best plants for your bedroom is lavender, aloe vera, or ivy.

4. Diffuse some essential oils

One of the best and most well-known uses for essential oils is their ability to help you unwind at the end of a hard day.

Buy yourself an oil diffuser (you’ll pick one up from Amazon for next to nothing), and leave it in your bedroom. Then, about an hour before you go to bed, let it work its magic.

Oils like chamomile, lavender and clary sage are all great for promoting rest and sleep.

5. Keep it tidy

Clutter and mess makes us feel anxious and stressed, whether we realise it or not. And while this really is the case for your entire home, it is possible even more pressing when it comes to your bedroom, which is meant to promote calm and restful feelings.

Make a habit of tidying any mess and misplaced objects from your bedroom every day. Hang up clothes, and make the bed every morning when you get up out of it. Not only will it feel so much nicer going to bed at night, it will also set your day off to a great, accomplished start.