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07th Apr 2015

WATCH: Jump your way to a Spring-ready body with our Fitness Expert

The most fun we've had exercising in our bedrooms in ages: Jump to it girls!

Jumping is such an easy way spice up your workout, yet it’s seriously intense, burning lots of stored fat and boosting metabolism. Not only that, these dynamic moves will target and tone your leg and butt muscles in record time.

Landing as quietly as you can makes the return to ground a workout too (and it’s easier on the body), so make sure to channel your inner ballerina on the rebound.

Do this circuit 3 to 5 times per week, and we guarantee that you will see results that will leave you jumping for joy.

Beginners – 15 seconds at each station x 3 rounds

Advanced – up to 30 seconds x up to 5 rounds

Rest for one minute between each round.

Jumping squats

Step 1: From standing legs together, hands behind the head.

Step 2: Lower the hips, keeping the weight in the heels, then push from the floor jumping both feet into the air.

Step 3: Land softly, dropping back into the squat and repeat.


Jumping lunges

Step 1: From standing legs apart, knees slightly bent.

Step 2: Lower the knees toward the ground then push back up switching legs in the air, landing softly and dropping back into the low lunge and repeat.


Side plank jump

Step 1: In high plank position.

Step 2: Jump both legs to outside of elbow, jump back to centre plank, then jump the knees to the other elbow.


Slow high knees 

Step 1: From standing feet just slightly wider than shoulder width.

Step 2: Jump one foot from the floor drawing the knee to level with the hips.

Step 3: Return the foot to the floor and raise the other knee to the hips.

Lateral jumps

Step 1: From standing, dips the knees slightly to jump to jump about a foot and a half.

Step 2: Land softly, dip the knees and repeat the jump to the other side.

Jumping leg curl

Step 1: From standing legs at hip distance.

Step 2: Jump one leg from the floor drawing heel towards the butt.

Step 3: Return foot to the floor and draw the other heel up to the butt.


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