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13th Oct 2020

Win a €250 Smyth’s voucher and a rehydrating, probiotic MyPro Diacare bundle 

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by MyPro Diacare

We’re taking extra good care this chilly season.

With winter in our midst, expect to see a few extra sniffles, colds and stomach aches.

While the thought of getting back to school and into a routine is appealing for many, it also means things can get a bit more hectic, and so, any help or little tricks up our sleeve are most welcome.

Should any vomiting bugs present themselves this winter, rest assured we have just the solution.

The Irish-owned all-new oral rehydration and stomach-upset solution — MyPro Diacare — is a unique orange-flavoured drink, scientifically shown to balance glucose, minerals and probiotics, helping with rehydration and digestive support and restoring natural gut flora.

The hydration powder rehydrates the body and the unique patented probiotic reduces any bad bacteria within the gut leaving you and/or your little one feeling much better and relieved.

With tummy bugs usually doing the rounds in households this time of year, MyPro Diacare protects the entire family and limits the spread of illness.

It comes in a super handy sachet with probiotic on one side and electrolyte on the other. The solution dissolves in water and can be taken by children (over three years of age) and adults suffering from diarrhoea, fever or any condition that causes the loss of bodily fluids.

It gives the body the perfect restoration of minerals including sodium, magnesium and potassium, plus the natural probiotic fibres that are so important to replenish water, salt concentration, and to maintain gut flora and digestion, which helps to restore the acidic pH of the stomach.

MyPro Diacare is so effective and beneficial, we’ve teamed up with MyPro Diacare to give one of our readers a €250 Smyth’s toy voucher and a MyPro Diacare bundle!

So while the kids can enjoy something special from their favourite toy store, mum can rest assured that if any nasty vomiting bug or diarrhoea should occur, she’ll have just the solution.

To be in with a chance to win, simply fill in our little form below. (If you cannot see our form or its ‘submit’ button, please click here.) 

Each Diacare box contains 12 dual sachets. You can purchase Diacare from MedDirect online and in pharmacies countrywide, at a RRP of € 14.95. 

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Brought to you by MyPro Diacare