Corrie fans note massive continuity error with Sarah Platt last night 4 months ago

Corrie fans note massive continuity error with Sarah Platt last night

Where'd that Volkswagen come from, though?

Coronation Street is a great show.

It's got drama, it's got humour, it's got Chesney Brown. Great.

However, like all soaps, Coronation Street has its issues, most of them being continuity related.

And really, who can blame them when you're producing a minimum of four episodes a week, dealing with a mass amount of convoluted stories, and a plethora of characters who all have years - and even decades - of backstory behind them.

Bound to happen... and it happened last night too when Sarah Platt was seen spinning about in a Volkswagen Golf despite never having learning to drive.

Or having a car.


The scene in question went down when Sarah was following Gary Windass to see if he was cheating on her or not.

He wasn't (spoiler), but people were less concerned with that and more interested in Sarah's ability to drive - especially seeing as she was born on screen in 1987 and has never had lessons - or a car.

Perhaps she simply harboured the innate skill? Or maybe she decided to keep it a secret so she could follow people around on the sly?

We may never know.

Either way, people were mildly confused by this fact - and also by Sarah and Gary having a car at all when all they seem to do is give out about money.

But hey, who are we to judge?

Ain't nothing wrong with a Golf, Cheryl.