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26th Feb 2020

How to achieve gorgeous, healthy hair according to an expert from Dylan Bradshaw

Rebecca O'Keeffe

You heard us, people.

Hair is one of those things that I think many of us take for granted.

I know I always have anyway.

We’re so obsessed with looking after our skin, our teeth, our nails – that sometimes we forget just how much TLC our locks need.

And I’m here to tell you that a simple leave-in-conditioner once a week is not the answer.

I learned that the hard way guys.

I had always just kind of assumed my hair was in decent nick – I don’t over do the straighteners, I use good shampoo and conditioner.

However, I recently popped in to my dear friends at Dylan Bradshaw, where I got the low down on healthy hair.

And everything I had been doing wrong (GUILTY AS CHARGED.)

Naturally, I went in for a little trim and a chat, but left 6 inches lighter, and looking like a new woman.

Sure, as I saw my beloved wet hair land on the floor, I was a bit sad, but needs must – and I needed it.

Basically, I had been doing a lot wrong.

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My biggest mistake? Sleeping with wet hair (who knew?)

According to the lovely Gemma Murphy (a hair wizard, btw), sleeping with wet hair can be detrimental to the quality of your hair.


Well basically hair is at its most fragile when wet.

“It is so important to fully dry your hair before going to bed to avoid matting and breakage while you sleep!”

So yeah, no matter how lazy or tired you may feel, get that hairdryer out lads. You won’t regret it.

Oh and speaking of sleeping – Dylan (yes, THE Dylan Bradshaw) pointed out that sleeping on a silk pillow case will do wonders for your hair.

The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends.

Another major way to ensure your hair is gorgeous and healthy?

I hate to say it but, you have to ditch the straighteners…

“For healthy hair you really should avoid heat styling, keep it for an occasion, our hair was not made to withstand 220 degrees heat on a daily basis, even with heat protector.”

We kind of all know this, but it can be hard when it’s so easy to plug something in and get sleek straight hair.

But at the end of the day lads, you’re burning your locks – and it won’t thank you for that one bit.

Stick on Youtube and learn how to blow dry your hair straight – and remember to use a heat protectant spray every.single.time.

Gemma’s go-to heat styling product?

“My favourite heat protector is Kérastase Ciment Thermique, it’s a lightweight blowdry cream that protects from all heat styling. What I love is that it’s applied on wet hair and blowdried in and is active until you wash it out, meaning you don’t need to apply every day.”


Like I mentioned earlier, the products you use are key to getting shiny locks.

“Using the right home care and regular treatments are necessary for healthy glossy hair. A lot of people are using the wrong shampoos and conditioners for their hair type, or using bad quality ones which are full of silicones and can build up on your hair causing it to be dull lank and greasy.”

Your stylist should recommend a home care plan which is bespoke to your hairs needs.

“I always recommend Smartbond in every colour service, especially when lightening the hair.”

“Smartbond is a treatment which is mixed in with colour to minimise damage to the hair. A lot of treatments work only on the outside of the hair just changing the appearance, Smartbond ensures healthy hair from the inside out.”

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The biggest key to healthy and gorgeous hair? GET A HAIR CUT.

Listen, nobody fears the scissors more than I do, but recently I learned it can’t be avoided, and nobody looks cute with dry, raggedy ends anyway.

“Regular haircuts are a must,” said Gemma, as she gave me the best haircut of my life.

“As hair grows damage occurs (whether it be heat damage, chemical damage from colouring or natural damage) whispy split ends occur, which travel further up the hair. As tempting as it is to hold onto this ends it is important cut them to avoid further damage.”

“If you cut those whispy ends off you’ll be left with the appearance of much thicker hair. Regular haircuts every 10wks means you keep your ends in check and avoid any unnecessary big chops.”

You heard the lady.