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13th Jun 2023

Experts share advice on how to nourish postpartum hair

Clodagh McKeon

Ways to help postpartum hair loss and thinning

Women’s hair can thin for a variety of different reasons – stress, hormonal imbalance, age, medication and of course, following child birth.

Hair expert, Shauna Casey told Express that menopause and child birth have “an extreme effect” on our hair and our confidence if we don’t tackle it head on.

She also said seasonal hair thinning is very much a thing and that mainly happens during Summer and Winter.

We compiled some of the most affordable products on the market that will help you get your postpartum hair back to its healthiest.

Scalp treatments

Keeping your scalp hydrated and moisturised is so important and is crucial if you want healthy shiny hair.

After giving birth, hair can feel very dry and hay-like, so treating it from the root will really help.

Using a natural chemical-free product to rehydrate your scalp is a must. One that’s available in most pharmacies nationwide is the Kérastase Soothing Scrub.

The German made, Eucerin DermoCapillaire Calming Urea Scalp Treatment is also a fan-favourite among new mums.

It helps reduce itchiness while soothing and smoothing the scalp.

Expert Shauna Casey said: “Keep the scalp hydrated and nourished all year round using a weekly scalp treatment” will make a visible difference to your hair.

Choose your shampoo wisely.

Again, choosing a natural, chemical free product is best – especially if you’re breastfeeding your baby.

The Viviscal Growth Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner is recommended by hair experts and mothers everywhere. It hydrates your scalp and hair at the root while giving it that boost it needs to grow.

According to Marie Claire UK, you should look out for these ingredients when shopping for shampoos.

Menthol because it’s a stimulant and an antimicrobial that helps clear flaking and itching.

Methyl nicotinate which is a vasodilator that can also help to aid in the effectiveness of other ingredients.

You should also check for a combination of zinc sulphate, vitamin B6 and azelaic acid. These combined can help to block the conversion of testosterone to the more damaging dihydrotestosterone which is all good for postpartum hair loss.

The L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Fine Hair Thickening Shampoo and the Pantene Grow Strong Shampoo are super affordable and accessible to mothers in Ireland so are brilliant options.

Others that experts recommend include the VIRTUE Flourish Shampoo for Thinning Hair and the Dr Barbara Sturm Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo.

Take hair and nail growth supplements

As a mother who has just given birth, any extra boost is welcome so make sure to take some daily multi-vitamins.

Vitamins that are proven to help stimulate hair and nail growth and are recommended by mums are the Perfectil Skin, Hair & Nails capsules.

They’re packed with nutrients that will encourage your hair to grow and give it back its shine after pregnancy.

They are designed to complement your daily skin and hair care routine with a range of over 20 micronutrients including vitamins B2, B3 and biotin which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin.

They have minerals, selenium and zinc which contribute to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

The Vitabiotics Pregnacare New Mum tablets are also great for hair growth while tackling other not so wonderful symptoms including tiredness and fatigue.

They contain biotin to help maintain normal skin and hair and each one has vitamins B2,B3,B6 and B12.


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