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24th Feb 2023

Cloud Skin is the latest beauty trend everyone is loving

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Trying this asap.

When we think about make-up techniques over the last few years, one look comes to mind. The glowy, all-natural, clean girl look.

This style of make-up has taken over our social media feeds and since the 2020s started, we’ve come a long way from the full glam, matte look of the 2010s.

Opting for a more fresh, natural look, we’ve seen a lot of trends emerge under this umbrella. From glass-like skin to Hailey Bieber’s glazed doughnut phenomenon, it’s safe to say this make-up style is here to stay.

Now, cloud skin seems to be TikTok’s latest go-to when it comes to getting that effortless natural look.

Cloud skin is not necessarily a new trend, it was first made popular a few years ago by MAC makeup artist Dominic Skinner and is now having its own renaissance.

While the glow of recent foundation trends is not going away, this trend opts for more of a soft-matte alternative. Rather than creating a look that aims to achieve as much glow as possible from every product, this technique aims to create the glow from within.

“Cloud skin is so different from the other trends that we’ve been seeing,” celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg told Glamour.

“You have to mix the textures of what you’re putting on your skin; think dewy, glowing, and matte.”

This technique gives a new dimension to the skin by mixing skincare and makeup in a new way. Giving a more seamless glow, it creates a soft-focus effect rather than an overly shiny base.

It only takes a quick search to see that this trend is going to be the next big thing. When we look at the latest products emerging also, it appears that cloud-based names are popping onto the shelves in their drones.

Glossier is known for its glowy-based products especially its Cloud Paint Blush which has catapulted this trend, but other brands a little closer to home are also jumping on board.

Sculpted By Aimee has released the Cloud Cream Nourishing Ceramide Moisturiser which aims to give this effect under our makeup, and paired with their Second Skin foundation, the look is easily achievable.

And for Kosas, a brand that has seen massive popularity over the last year, CEO Sheena Yaitanes has said that this trend is what inspired them to launch their Cloud Set Powder. This product gives a filtered effect to the skin while still maintaining a glow.

@kosas The pressed powder you need for real-life dream skin ☁️ #cloudskin #cloudset #settingpowder #makeuptips #softskinhacks ♬ original sound – ???

Achieving this look couldn’t be easier. First, create a hydrated base and layer it with an oil serum. You want your skin to be glowy and wet.

Next, go in with a skin tint or tinted moisturiser. My personal favourites are Fenty Beauty’s Eaze Drops or Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer.

Then top that off with a powder, which is where the Kosas one would come in perfectly. Adding a concealer over the areas you feel need it gives your skin a fluffier finish, again dusting this off with powder to set it.

Finally, topping it all off with a highlighter on your cheeks, lips, eyes, and Cupid’s bow will give that added glow we all still crave, but it’s not a necessity. If you want to opt for more colour to your cheeks instead, a slightly shimmery blush is the way to go.