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13th Nov 2023

Dior launches a new skincare line for babies

Jody Coffey

Baby Dior

This takes ‘baby smooth skin’ to a new level.

Luxury fashion, fragrance and accessories house, Dior, has released a skincare line for babies, ‘Baby Dior’.

That’s right, you read that correctly.

The new four-piece collection includes lavish items such as scented water and moisturiser that come with price tags that rival the skincare of their parents.

‘Baby Dior’ features ‘Bonne Étoile’, otherwise known as scented water that comes in a bottle with a choice of two colours; pastel pink and mint green.

‘Bonne Étoile’ is a combination scent of ‘creative’ and ‘childlike notes’ including pear, wild rose, and white musk, and will set you back around €215 ($230).

The pear-scented ‘Le Lait Très Tendre’ – the collection’s face and body moisturiser – retails for an estimated €107 ($115).

The scented water and skincare are hoped to be a ‘gentle reminder of sweet memories of early childhood’, according to the Dior website.

Baby Dior
Credit: Dior

‘Baby Dior’ also includes a cleaning face, body, and hair foam called ‘La Mousse Très Fondante’ that, for €89 ($95), will ‘turn baby’s bath time ritual into a precious moment’.

For the same cost, the cleaning water ‘L’eau Très Fraîche’ – which is ‘composed of 98% natural-origin ingredients and infused with mallow flower extract’ – can feature in your little one’s bath time.

This baby skincare line is a new vision of Dior’s infant perfume line that launched in 1970, according to ‘PEOPLE‘, per a release from Dior.

This served as inspiration for the brand for the revitalisation of baby products, according to Francis Kurkdijan, who is Dior’s perfume creation director.

He told Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) that he himself was a fan of the past baby product line.

“When I joined Dior in October 2022, one of the projects I had in mind was revitalising ‘Baby Dior’.

“Christian Dior evoked his childhood many times as a very happy and joyful period of his life. The scent and the baby care line were discontinued, and I was eager to bring it back to life as a tribute.”

Baby Dior
Credit: Dior

With this in mind, Kurkdijan and ‘Baby Dior’s’ artistic director, Cordelia de Castellane, found that they shared the same vision for brining the collection to life.

“We immediately discussed … working together to build back this universe.

“Baby Dior was born that day.”

The Baby Dior products are currently available to shop online and at select Baby Dior and Parfums Christian Dior boutiques.