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28th Jun 2023

Parents concerned as ‘patients as young as 16’ getting filler in Ireland

Kat O'Connor

Would you ever let your teenage daughter get dermal filler?

Irish parents have expressed their concerns about the increase in teenagers getting filler. It is slowly becoming as popular as getting your nails done, but is it safe for teenagers?

There’s nothing wrong with getting cosmetic treatments, especially if they make you feel good, but should we let children get filler before they turn 18?

HerFamily readers have expressed their concerns about the increase in underage patients getting dermal fillers in Ireland.

One mum said it is “horrifying” knowing teenagers are getting dermal fillers by unqualified people.

Another mum said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous that this is just like getting your lashes done now.”

One mam said she would let her daughter try it “as long as it’s reversible”.

The director of the Sisu Clinic, Dr. Brian Cotter stressed that we need stricter legislation when it comes to dermal filler.

He told Newstalk that the dermal filler industry is “an unregulated industry targeting a younger demographic… they view it not as anti-­ageing but as wellness”.

However, he said people are exposing themselves to side effects if they don’t go to a qualified professional.

“If you inject any-­ thing into the face, for example, if you unintentionally inject into an artery, you can block the blood flow to certain parts of the face.”

“Dermal filler is classed as a medical device and this is where legislation has to come in,” he said.

Would you let your child get filler or is it something all teenagers should stay away from?