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06th Dec 2023

Lucy Kennedy opens up about parenting and the age gap between her children

Lucy Kennedy

The media personality shares three children with her husband, Richard Governey

Irish TV presenter, Lucy Kennedy, has opened up about being a mum and discussed how the age gap between her children shapes the family dynamic.

The mum-of-three has a 14-year-old son named Jack, and two younger daughters named Holly and Jess.

Speaking to RSVP, Lucy says this age gap has resulted in her babying her youngest child Jess.

“If anything, having a 14-year-old is making me baby my youngest daughter Jess more because I know how fast it can change,” she told the outlet.

“Jack is very laid-back and he’s a boy’s boy. He loves rugby and loves his mates. Our conversations mainly revolve around what’s for dinner at home.”

There are seven years between Jack and Jess, with the media personality admitting that she finds raising a boy easier than a girl.

“I almost have to get him into a scrum to get a hug, whereas the girls are very affectionate. He’s very easy.

“Dare I say it because I love him and the girls equally, but boys are easier to rear. Once Jack is fed, he’s fine.”

If you’re a mum or dad, you will know that parenting teenagers is completely different territory to parenting children or babies.

This is something that the ‘Living With Lucy’ host is acutely aware of.

“I look at my dad who is 87 looking at me at 47 and he still sees me as a baby in his arms.

“With Jack, I look at him and think he was a baby in my arms 14 years ago. It’s quite sad. I know it sounds silly, but I do miss the baby stage.

“You do lose them for a few years, but apparently they come back. I can’t wait for him to say ‘Mum, let’s hang out.'”

Having such a sizeable age gap in the house has proven to have its benefits, and despite the usual traits that are associated with teenagers, Jack is extremely helpful at home, especially with his youngest sister.

“Would you believe, they’re the closest at home. He brings her training and he really loves her,” Lucy shares.

“Jack is a great big brother and he has a lovely nature, he’s a real gentleman. I’m one of three as well and I’m the middle child like Holly is with us. My younger sister and my older sister were the closest growing up, even though there were six years between them.

“Jack and Jess don’t fight because there’s a seven-year age gap between them. Whereas, Jack and Holly might bicker and Holly and Jess might bicker.”

The presenter also says that her children aren’t fully aware of her job, which puts her very much in the public eye.

This is something that Lucy says she is happy about while sharing the qualities she hopes they will take into adulthood.

“The love of people. I always tell them to smile because that can change someone’s day and I encourage them to be friendly and love people.

“Kindness is a big thing and I try to keep a sense of normality. They don’t care that I’m on the telly and they don’t get a sense of my job, which I like.

“If anyone comes over to say hello to me, I never make a big deal out of it. It’s very much that Mum talks to everybody. I just want them to be happy, friendly and nice people.”