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27th Jun 2023

Parents urged to be extra careful if visiting playgrounds this summer

Temperatures have been hotter than usual this summer and as lovely as the weather has been, it’s also concerning.

Did you know that playgrounds can pose a real danger when the weather is unusually hot and sunny?

According to a new report by BBC’s Newsnight thermal images taken of swings, tarmac, and slides showed just how boiling hot equipment there can get – all summer long.

In fact, the report revealed that in hot temperatures, a children’s slide can reach almost 72ºC, while the tarmac underneath the swings was found to be 56.6ºC – scorching temperatures that will cause serious burns to kids who are unaware of the danger, or just keen to play.

The thermal imaging camera used captures surface temperatures by using heat radiation to measure heat levels and gives an accurate reading within a couple of degrees.

Reporter Yasminara Khan explained: “We went to a local playground. It was deserted. It’s usually full of dog walkers and children playing. It looks as if some have taken the Government’s advice about staying in.”

“The play equipment is hot to the touch. The thermal imaging camera gives a reading in a hot spot in the high 71ºCelsius. It gives a good idea of how playgrounds can become a no-go area, and a sense of where the heat gets trapped, such as Tarmac.”

Be careful on your next visit to the playground.