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26th Jun 2023

Mum shares mother-in-law tried to change her baby’s name after inviting herself to the birth


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A woman has told of how her mother-in-law invited herself to her grandson’s birth before attempting to change the baby’s name from the one they had chosen.

Taking to Reddit, one mum warned that she was branded an “a**hole” after fighting with her mother-in-law over the name she had chosen for her newborn son.

Deciding to name the baby after her father, who she was “very close” to before he passed, the mum and her husband then chose her husband’s grandfather’s name as his middle name.

The first issues cropped up when the mother-in-law demanded she should be there as he was being born, with the mum explaining: “The day I was due, I only wanted [my] husband there.

“He drove me to the hospital and [my mother-in-law] walks into the room and starts babbling on about the baby’s name, feeding schedules, etc.”

Trying to hold it together, the mum reached breaking point when her mother-in-law began “trying to talk [the] husband into convincing” her to change the baby’s name.

“She asked the nurses if she could legally change his name,” the woman wrote, adding: “She even went as far as to accuse me of controlling [my] husband into his name.”

After this, the mum “yelled” at her to “get out of the room” and insisted that the baby’s name would “not be changing”.

Following the altercation, the mother-in-law has been “telling family members a different story” and while the husband has stood up for his wife, they are now saying that if the behaviour continues, they will be “cutting her off from seeing her grandson.”

“Now, most of her side of the family are calling me names and demanding I apologize to [my mother-in-law]. She has texted me a few times calling me an AH [a**hole].”