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28th May 2023

Our readers spill all on the best way to remove fake tan

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We asked, you answered…

As we all know well, removing fake tan is often not the easiest job in the world.

Often, we simply don’t have the time and end up with patchy tan in places we really don’t want it – and let’s be honest, that ]’s never a good look.

While there are various different brands out there that sell products to help us out in this situation, there are a decent amount of hacks that give the same result without having to go out of our way to spend some money.

We asked you, the Her readers, if there were any hacks you had for removing your tan, and boy, you really didn’t hold back.

After dozens of comments, we picked out some of the best ones and the big ones we’re only dying to test out after our next tanning Thursday.

And we came to two conclusions. The best home remedy for removing fake tan isn’t the shop bought ones, but instead either sugar and lemon or baby oil.

Whether it’s the lemon or baby oil on their own or mixing them with sugar, the Her readers are sure this is the trick you need to save you from awkward tan patches.

And it makes sense too, the sugar can only act as an exfoliant so of course it removes the tan – and we’re guaranteed to have it at home already.

One reader said: “Baby oil mix with sugar great job.”

Another said: “Sugar and lemon.”

While a third added: “Baby oil is the way to gooo.”

And a fourth simply added “lemons”, with a lemon emoji, which was just a nice touch.


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