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04th Aug 2023

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash suffer fake tan blunder ahead of family holiday

Kat O'Connor

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash’s spray tans didn’t turn out as they hoped.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash have jetted off on a 10-day family holiday, but the parents suffered a fake tan blunder before heading off.

The parents chanelled their inner Ross Geller after their tan developed a little more than they expected.

Ahead of their trip, Stacey shared a video showing off her and Joe’s dodgy tans on Instagram.

The mum laughed: “Me, Joe and Zach are up packing. We both had a spray tan and we’re going to end up paler when we come home.

“Look how white my teeth are,” Joe continued.

Stacey added, “Look at mine! My teeth aren’t my real teeth so they really glow! Your skin tone now matches your ginger beard.”

Earlier in the day, Stacey told her followers that she got a spray tan and her nails done before the trip.


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“If you’re wondering why I look so tropical compared to these two, it’s because I’ve had a spray tan and I got my nails done. I let loose in the nail shop because I’m going on holiday,” the mum shared.

Stacey has not yet revealed where her family is planning on going but the mum-of-five said she cannot wait for her family’s big adventure.

“P.S the big boys are here too they were just asleep as soon as we got on the plane,” Stacey cleared up after fans noticed her two eldest sons weren’t photographed.