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28th Feb 2024

Man goes viral for refusing to give up his spot on a ride to a crying child


The man is getting tons of support on Facebook for refusing to let the child go first.

We all know that there’s a lot of politics that goes along with standing in a queue.

Theme parks in particular are a stomping ground for major “I was first” and “are you skipping the queue” arguments.

This particular incident occurred at a Formula One simulation ride in the UK and was captured on TikTok by a user with the username @myrightmiddletoe (I have many questions about that name too).

In the short six-second clip, a man who apparently stood in a line to ride the simulator was told that he was going to be the last one left on the ride for that day as the ride was about to close.

The man then glances at the camera, before two young children queuing behind him are revealed.

The video then cuts to the man in the car, followed by the child who appears to now be hugging their parent while crying.

The chaotic clip amassed over 9.9 million views and 2 million likes in just a few days.

The post sparked over 1200 comments which range from support for the man for sticking to his guns and teaching the child a valuable life lesson, to ridiculing the guy for not having some compassion and empathy for the minor.

Many of those commenting on the video praised the man’s decision, with one adding: ‘Got to teach them you don’t always get what you want in life!’

Another said: ‘Not your fault the parent didn’t get the kids there in time,’ while a third added: ‘Kids have to learn life ain’t fair at some point.’

A fourth individual wrote in the comment section: ‘There’s no trading if you are the last spot… be serious.’

The TikTok has now been taken down, presumably because of some of the more chastising comments towards the man in the clip.

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