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17th Feb 2017

You can now buy a clam-shaped bed (and live your best mermaid life!)

Trine Jensen-Burke

Surpassed only by unicorns, I think it’s fair to say that mermaids are pretty much the most in-vogue fantasy creature out there at the moment.

Which is why, when we came across THIS bed, we fell hook, like and sinker (pun intended, obvs.)

To be honest, unless you are fairly short, this bed is probably better suited your children, but still, a mama can dream.

Made by Circu — a Portuguese furniture company that, according to their own website, sells “magical furniture,” offers a children’s line of interiors that will literally make you do a double-take.

Our favourite? This out-and-out amazing Little Mermaid-themed clamshell bed, so pretty it will hurt your eyes.

 There is a catch, though. The bed costs a whopping £13,000 – but let’s not forget it is a MERMAID BED, so, you know, totally worth giving up food or your car for…