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20th Feb 2019

Penneys has released a gorgeous version of THIS Louis Vuitton bag

Olivia Hayes

This will be our go-to bag come summer.

As much as we would love to spend all of our money on clothes, bags and shoes, there are a few little things called food and kids that we *have* to put our cash towards.

Which leaves us with not enough spare change to splash out on anything majorly expensive.

That’s why when a high street stores releases a dupe of our favourite designer pieces, we absolutely jump at them.

Penneys is great for doing a designer dupe and the latest one is a bag that looks pretty similar to a rather pricey Louis Vuitton one.

The LV bag is called that ALMA BB, and is “studded with elegantly crafted padlocks, Monogram Flowers and keys, the Alma BB Love Lock edition exudes romance.

“It is part of an exclusive capsule collection that pays tribute to the Pont des Artes Bridge in Paris, where lovers affix locks to the handrail.”

It comes in at €1,570.

View 1 - Alma BB Epi Leather in Women's Handbags Handbags collections by Louis Vuitton

While the Penneys version has seashells and starfish embellished onto it, it looks very similar with the same colour shading and handle.

This one comes in at €16.

Enlarged photo

So, the Louis Vuitton version is admittedly and *~obviously~* more gorgeous, but if you’re looking out for a designer dupe, this is the one to nab.