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24th Aug 2023

Woman left furious after being told to give up plane seat for mum and child

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A woman has been left furious after she was ordered to give up her seat on a plane to make space for a mum and her baby.

Wondering if she is in the wrong, the woman had found herself in an aisle with an empty seat – everyone’s dream, especially when you’re returning home after backpacking around Europe for a month.

The ideal airplane scenario soon turned into a disaster when the woman revealed her fellow passenger in the aisle wanted to send her over to a neighbouring seat so they could take the spare seat to allow her baby to have a chair to themselves.

As the woman was hoping to get some sleep on the flight, she asked the woman if she could swap with her later in the flight, which she had thought they agreed to.

After only 45 minutes in the air, the woman “charged over” and demanded that they make the switch then and there and said she was about to send the man who had been sat next to her over to take the spare seat to give room for her baby.

For the remainder of the six hour flight, the woman couldn’t enjoy the free space while a baby had a seat to themselves.

While the woman was furious over the situation, her friend said she was overreacting as the woman who had asked for the seat had a baby to take care of.

Taking to the world of Reddit, she asked if she was in the wrong, and of course, there was a lot of different opinions.

Some pointed out that “neither one of you were entitled to the seat you didn’t pay for” while someone else said that “international travel is a Game of Thrones style battle for power and survival” as the mum had “prevailed with her superior determination and manoeuvring.”