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03rd Mar 2023

Woman tells shoppers to wash new clothes after making a shocking discovery


What she found was disgusting..

Some of us may never think to wash our new purchases once we’ve brought them home.

But, if you really think about it, it’d be a good hygiene move considering the many hands that have touched the item.

American TikToker, Ellen Danz, was browsing through some leisure wear in Lululemon when she found the entire clothing rack and all the clothes on it, were infested with cobwebs.

Watching her video alone is a great reason to always wash newly bought clothes – get ready for this.

@els22022 #fyp #lululemon #blackwidow ♬ original sound – Ellen Danz

At first she seemed really annoyed that the clothes were covered in cobwebs and she was disgusted with all the spider eggs attached to them.

Poor Ellen even let out a loud scream when she saw the huge black and red spider lurking on one of the tops.

Lots of people commented on her TikTok video with utter shock that a retailer would allow this to happen.

In a follow up video, Ellen reassured her followers that there was no way they would come across this particular store as it had closed since making the video – thank goodness.

She wrote: “Don’t worry about shopping this location, it shut down a week later.”

People just couldn’t get enough of this story.

The comments were flooded with users asking why nobody called pest control or said anything to the store staff.

They were even asking Ellen if she killed the spider after she finished filming.

So yeah, you should definitely wash your new clothes before you wear them because you never know what could be hiding on them.

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