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27th Mar 2024

Woman shares genius hack for shopping with kids

Anna Martin


Any parent knows that shopping with little ones can be stressful

Before you even get into the shop, there’s the struggle of getting them to sit into that trolly seat as they become like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.

Then when you get in to actually gathering the bits you need, your little one goes full kleptomaniac and tries to grab everything they see.

Let’s be 100% honest here, most of the time they’re not reaching for fruits and veggies and before you know it your trolly is full of things you never came in for.

Thankfully, one woman seems to have come up with the ultimate hack for tackling the weekly shop with your child in tow – and it’s pretty simple.

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Kayla Sullivan, a reporter and mum, shared her hack that she uses to encourage her son to pick up healthy snacks and it starts with a pack of stickers.

In her case, Kayla explains that her son’s favourite character is Spiderman so she brings a pack of themed stickers to the shop.

Explaining what she does, the reporter told WishTV, she puts “those stickers on healthy foods you want to buy so they think it’s Spiderman carrots or Spiderman broccoli!”

You have to admit, that’s a stroke of genius right there. Not only will your kid make healthy snack choices but if it becomes a regular thing it might help relax and focus while you get your few bits.

Food shopping can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone kids with all the sights, smells and sounds, looking out for the stickers could help to keep your kid grounded, preventing any tantrums.

Yet this wasn’t the only hack that Kayla shared, she has a few others you can implement to take the stress out of the weekly shop.

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You can let your child snack as you go up and down the aisles, for the reporter this means opening a pack of something she plans to buy and giving her son one (and of course making sure to pay for it at the till).

Another tip she has is to avoid the toy aisle at all costs. For Kayla that means saying it’s closed before they even get there to stop any fuss.

No judgement here, if it works, it works!