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15th Sep 2023

Mum’s clever trick ensures you always buy the right size kids shoes

This hack is going to make shopping trips easier!

One mum has shared the most helpful hack that will be your saving grace when shoe shopping.

We all know just how stressful shoe shopping can be, especially if your kid can’t sit still to try on a dozen different styles and sizes.

Luckily, craftymoms on TikTok came up with the most simple hack and all you’ll need is a paper, pen and some scissors.

She explained that all you need to do is get your child to stand on a piece of paper and draw around their foot. Then simply cut out the template and keep it in your bag for your next shopping trip. You won’t even have to bring the kids with you!

All you need to do is hold up the template to the shoe you want to buy and make sure they match up.

It really couldn’t be more simple.

Mums couldn’t help but praise the nifty idea and thanked the TikTok star for making their lives that little bit easier.

“I’ve always done this. It’s much easier than taking my son shoe shopping.”

“Genius! I will do this for my three girls then,” one added.

“Parent hack? I’m about to do this with my own feet,” another joked.

Imagine a shopping trip without any tantrums.

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